Straight hair extensions
Straight Black Hair Extensions is traditional way hair extensions. For this hair extensions Patricia hair salon uses Indian Remy hair. Because by nature Indians have black hair and they are hygienic. The experts first analyze your hair then do straighten and color the hair to match your original hair to […]

Straight Black Hair Extensions

Curly hair
Patricia hair salon grants an exclusive technique for Curly Blonde Hair Extensions. This Curly Blonde Hair Extensions can be colored like your wish. This hair extension comes in different varieties like length, type and color. The cost varies for each length. This extension last for 4 to 6 months with […]

Curly Blonde Hair Extensions

Best hair extensions
Seamless Hair Extensions NYC is a unique patent pending system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or hectic removal. No tools are required for applying this Seamless hair extension NYC. This system is completely seamless with no strikes. You can wear your hair up […]

Seamless Hair Extensions NYC

denser hair
The most important thing about beauty for women is their hair. Everyone wish to have a pretty hair to depiction their beauty to the world. For all of them there is a stable solution in Patricia Hair salon NYC. Hair extensions for thinning hair like Laser Hair Extensions, Custom Hair […]

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair NYC, New York

In Patricia hair salon there are plenty of hair extension options are available to get long hair. The Hair Extension done in Patricia always looks natural and does not affect your natural hair. The best way to add hair volume to your hair is come to Patricia’s Salon and gets […]

Women get longer hair with Extensions

Moderate length hair
   The 18” hair extension includes a reasonable length to your hair that looks like a natural hair. Patricia professionals present an amazing service to their clients in different types of hair extensions. They are glowing in all type of 18″ hair extensions and they put their full attempt to […]

18 inch Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
I tip hair extensions uses only 100% virgin Indian hair. This type of texture is completely natural and unprocessed and no chemicals are used in this hair. So you can feel very comfortable and soft to wear it. For Micro rings hair extensions and Hot Fusion hair extensions this I […]

I tip hair extensions

Celebrity hair extensions
In Patricia hair salon U tip hair extensions also uses 100% A grade virgin Indian hair. U tip hair extensions come in an arrangement of entirely natural off-black and dark brown colors. U tip hair extensions are used for Fusion hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions have two methods cold fusion […]

U tip hair extensions NYC, New York

Dense hair, Thick hair
Comprising a good looking hair is a major desire for all the women in the world. Patricia hair salon helps to achieve their desire through hair extensions. With plenty of hair extensions available in Patricia hair salon one can make their hair look thicker and fuller. The hair extensions like […]

Thicker Hair with hair extensions

Permanent Hair Extensions
Patricia hair salon suggests a best and permanent solution for all hair related issues through its hair extensions and hair replacement techniques. Fusion hair extensions, Tape in hair extensions are some extensions are said to be Permanent Hair Extensions. Fusion hair extensions can be done with Laser Fusion hair extension, […]

Permanent Hair Extensions NYC, New York

Balmain Hair offers a great range in Fill-In extensions. Ideal for those who do not want chemically treated hair, there are ready-to-wear textures and colors available. Balmain hair extensions are of three different textures that are Balmain Straight, Balmain Natural Straight and Balmain Wavy and vary from a range of […]

Balmain Hair Extensions

100 % Remy Human Hair Extensions is the highest grade of real and natural human hair that can be purchased for use in wigs or hair extensions. This type of Remy hair is divided into six quality categories based on processing and length grading and there are three categories each […]

100 % Remy Human Hair Extensions

Patricia Hair extensions are a wonderful substitute for women who are having problems growing their locks. Our Hair extensions are good for those people also who have thin hair or damages hair. There are plenty of women who yearn to have long hair. You might have your locks straightened, scrunched, […]

Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Human Hair Extensions Salons in New York, NYC always offers you the opportunity of creating the look you have always wanted and your new hair will behave and feel exactly as your own so you can treat them in the exact same way. Human Hair Extensions Salons in New York, […]

Human Hair Extensions Salons in New York, NYC

Best Lace Front Wigs are full wigs with lace attached in front beyond the hair line of the wig that is convention fixed, trimmed, and provisionally glued to ones skin just about the hairline. You can’t notice where the lace starts or ends. This mesh lace also provides for normal […]

Best Lace Front Wigs Salon in NY, NYC, NJ, CT