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Astoria Hair Salon – Astoria Hair Salons

There are many hair salons in Astoria, NY.  You can look at many hair directories to find a good Astoria, NY hair salon, or we can give you our pick for the best hair salon in Astoria. The best hair salon in Astoria, NY is Patricia’s Famous hair salon.  They are a premier hair salon, that is a full service hair salon.

When looking for the best hair salon in Astoria, you need to find one with the best hair staff, the best hair colorists, the best hair team.  Not many hair salons meet those definitions.  That is why we are big fans of Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon.  They have a hair staff of over 20 people.  They have Master hair colorists, Master hair cutters, master hair extensionists, and they are the best in female hair replacement.

They are located in Astoria, Queens, NY right on Steinway St.  Right between 30th and 31st Ave.  This is the best location in Astoria, Queens, NY. they offer free hair consultations for all of their hair services, so you have nothing to lose.  They have the most modern hair salon in NY, top of the line salon, nobody is close.

Patricia’s Astoria hair salon can be reached by train or by car.  Astoria is very easy to get to from the R or the V trains, to the Steinway ST stop in Astoria.  You can also take the BQE, GCP, or 59th st bridge to get to Astoria, NY.

Take a look at their top website, it has directions to Astoria from all over New York.  It also lists all of their services.

They can be reached at


30-71 Steinway ST

Astoria, NY