Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are the most popular hair extensions to do at a hair extensions salon.  Fusion hair extensions controls around 80% of the hair extension market.  For a quick description of what are fusion hair extensions, fusion hair extensions is the process of attaching small amounts of hair to various parts of the hair, to achieve a certain hair look.  the certain looking can be adding more body to your hair, or adding length and volume.

Fusion hair extensions

There are many types of fusion hair extensions.  Fusion hair extensions can be hot fusion hair extensions, cold fusion hair extensions, flux fusion hair extensions, air pressure hair extensions, ultrasonic cold fusion hair extensions.  The most important part of doing hair fusion hair extensions, is finding the right fusion hair extensions hair salon in your area.

Fusion hair extensions are top of the line and cost more that other types of hair extensions or weaves.  You need to get a good free consultation at your local hair extensions salon, to see what type of fusion hair extensions is going to be right for your hair type, texture, and goals.

If you live in the NYC, New York, NY, NJ and CT area, you are in luck because Patricia’s Famous Hair extensions salon is the world leader in hair extensions.  They perform well over 70 different hair extensions and hair replacement types, and perform around 20 plus different fusion hair extension types.  If you live in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Queens, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, and are looking for the best fusion hair extensions salon, make sure you visit there top hair extensions salon.  They are well worth it.

They can be reached at

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Astoria, NY, NYC, New York