Hair Extensions Choices in NYC, NY

Hair Extensions Choices in NYC, NY have been a popular way of a achieving a new style and creating a new look. A quick change to your hair can work wonders on improving the rest of your body, not to mention making you feel brilliant and gorgeous. Human hair is always the best type of extension hair. Natural human hair extensions definitely look more natural. There are synthetic hair extensions that also add length to your hair but a real hair is always real. Hair extensions give an extra length and volume to your current hair by giving you a new style. Human hair is collected in different ways from various places.


The price for hair extensions varies widely based on the type of extension, the length of the extension, the source of the hair, etc. When it comes to human hair extensions, we have to concentrate on factors like hair color and type depending upon your own hair. Not all human hair extensions fit well with your own hair. We can say that Asian hair extensions will look good for long dark hairstyles. We have to make sure when choosing a style that the extensions are not applying too much weight on the scalp and it is very important that it should not damage your own hair.

Patricia Hair Extension salon, New York is well expertise in handling all types of hairs. We provide more than sixty different types of hair extensions and hair replacements. We have solutions for all hair related problems and they are really working out very well. We use only 100% Human Hair Extensions in our salon. Our salon gives you all comforts and luxuries and indeed highly hygienic. Our staffs are all certified and well trained and experienced in handling all types of hairs. We follow the latest technologies in our salon where you can see nowhere but here.

Human hair extensions are usually made from 100% human hair. It should be taken good care to protect hair from becoming brittle and damaged. It also requires an adequate amount of moisture to keep them in good condition. You can find many products in the market for taking care of your extensions such as shampoos and conditioners for cleaning and moisturizing, special hair hydrators for keeping away split ends and even lotions for extra care.

Remy Hairs are the highest quality human hairs where the hairs are arranged and kept so that the hairs are all aligned in the same direction. The specialty of Indian Remy Hair is that it has never been chemically processed. Also the Brazilian Remy Hair is fine. These Remy Hairs are found in black and brown by nature. Remy Hair is the very expensive and used by the celebrities. In our Patricia Hair Extension salon, we provide the best quality hair extensions at an affordable price.

We have a greater experience in working on all types of hair. We do blond hair extensions, Yaki hair extensions, brown hair extensions, long hair extensions, short hair extensions, and ethnic hair extensions. We are expertise on European hair extensions, African American Hair Extensions, Caucasian Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair extensions, Latin Hair Extensions, and more. We have the answers for all your hair related issues and we have formulas for any kind of problems. All our formulas are well experimented in the clinics before it has been implemented into practice. We offer the best scalp treatment in our luxurious salons which no doubt results in the promotion of hair growth. We perform Great length hair extensions and various hair straightening methods like Brazilian Hair Straightening, Balmain Hair Straightening and so on in an excellent way.

Before proceeding into any treatment, we first make a study on your hair. Based on your hair type, texture, goals, and budget our hair extensions specialists will suggest you the best choices for you. We have visitors from all around the world. People from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and all over the USA make their choice as Patricia for the best hair extensions styles and female hair replacement. Visit our salons in New York, NYC, NY, Astoria, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and not more than few minutes from Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Boston, Westchester, Philadelphia, CT.