People in New York believe Patricia Best Hair Colors in NYC, NY Salon as one of the premium hair salons in NYC. They have the top certified hair color specialist who are well trained and expertise and are wanted by every other salon. They help you to improve your appearance. […]

Best Hair Colors in NYC, NY

Hair extensions are an easy out on waiting for short hair to grow out, if the right stylist is chosen to create your new style. The greatest difference in good extensions and bad ones is the stylist who puts them in. Make sure you choose a reputable stylist and see […]

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Hair Extensions Choices in NYC, NY have been a popular way of a achieving a new style and creating a new look. A quick change to your hair can work wonders on improving the rest of your body, not to mention making you feel brilliant and gorgeous. Human hair is […]

Hair Extensions Choices in NYC, NY

Patricia hair Extensions Salon near Astoria allows a person to change their look without having to make a permanent commitment to the new hair style. Some types of hair extensions allow the natural hair to be protected and given a break from the stresses of daily styling. Sew-in hair extensions […]

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The appearance and beauty of a woman lies in her hair and the length and the style of a woman’s hair. Patricias classic and trendy Best in Women’s Haircuts and hairstyles change the look from something simple to an elegant and unique look. Patricia Hair salon is obviously the place […]

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Finding a great hair extension salon in Astoria is not at all a difficult task anymore, and you don’t always have the time to drive hours to get your hair done. Luckily, there are many ways to find great hair extension salon in Astoria and several online resources are available […]

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Patricia Beauty Salon Astoria NY takes pride in providing you with only the best hair extension solutions available today. The team at Patricia Hair Salon has owned professional high end hair salons and all their experts and stylists have extensive experience and each are fully qualified to give you the […]

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If you are in New York and looking for a fairly reasonably priced hairstylist, to try out your desirable hair cut, So that it looks really well and doesn’t need another cut try out Hair Stylist From Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon in New York.  Our salon is the Leading Hair […]

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Patricia’s Famous Haircuts Salon New York offers you a variety of services which will keep you looking good and feel your best from head to toe. Some of our important services are listed below * Hair services like Hair repair, Hair straightening, Hair highlights, Hair extension, Scalp treatments, Hair loss […]

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While short haircuts have ruled for a while, long hairstyle is coming back for men. Men’s long hairstyles should keep a slim silhouette, not full and bushy. In today’s men’s long hairstyles, the hair skims the shoulders and is worn back, not falling onto the face. Long Bangs Haircuts Bangs […]

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There are many types of Haircuts that Woman undergo these days. Four common types of Woman’s Haircuts are VERY SHORT HAIRCUT – The weight line of the hair is at or above the ear line. SHORT HAIRCUT– The cut line is between the ear and the jaw line. MEDIUM HAIRCUT– […]

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