Woman’s Haircuts New York

There are many types of Haircuts that Woman undergo these days. Four common types of Woman’s Haircuts are

VERY SHORT HAIRCUT – The weight line of the hair is at or above the ear line.


SHORT HAIRCUT– The cut line is between the ear and the jaw line.


MEDIUM HAIRCUT– The weight line is between the jaw and the shoulder.


LONG HAIRCUT– The weight line is below the shoulder.



New York Women’s haircuts are seeing a return to soft, feminine long waves. Stiff, over-styled hair is out of fashion, and flowing, natural hair is currently in style. Women’s love the straight look. Japanese Hair Straightening is a chemical process that can turn the curliest locks into straight, silken tresses. But this is very rough on the hair. The Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is healthier, and doesn’t cause the damage that the Japanese Method does.

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